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He sits alone in the street
Resting for his weary feet
His dog snuffles at his heels
And sleep takes away his fears
He carries an empty shopping bag
And one sad burnt-out fag
He's got nothing to eat or drink
But endless hours to sit and think
Rain comes down with no care
He pours his tears to empty air
He sits in a doorway, no one around
The road stays still, devoid of sound
He sits alone in the street
Resting for his weary feet
His dog snuffles at his heels
And sleep takes away his fears
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 1 7
The Old
I've been bound so long to a justice,
Roped so long to a tear,
They say that life will come anew
But new is what I fear
A pressing demon haunts me
A cage around my soul
A prison of darkness, forever
My heart as black as coal
I've known the same for all my life
And I'll be expecting more
I'll walk the paths, the treads, the earth
I've walked all before
Afraid of changes, afraid of new
So scared to be accepting you
But the old will die, the young so fresh
So I'll lay back and accept my death.
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 0 3
Dewed leaves rustle for space among the crusty leftovers.
Flowers unwaveringly grow, showing a dedication unknown to men.
The listening oak smiles down upon the delicate earth.
And the silence hangs so heavy, you're almost afraid to speak.
Love is found here, and love is lost,
Among the dew and the straggly moss.
Because trees don't care, and nor does the land
For their minutes are years, and years are sand.
One day, the listening oak spoke to the dying birch.
"If you stop trying, you'll soon find rest."
Next day, the poor birch died
But he still found rest because he didn't try.
Silence is almost
A state of the mind
It takes what's you've left
And leaves it further behind
A leaf grows on a tree and falls off in a mere century.
A man dies in a fast-paced world, and it takes only a second.
And when you sit upon a bench, like me, blossom falling, pen in hand
As you write, you realise that months and years are falling from your hourglass.
And I'd rather sit here forever than return to Ear
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 0 3
Home Alone
I'm scared of a whisper, late at night
I'm scared of the lingering shadow's bite
I'm scared of corpses, I don't know why
Their souls never had a chance to fly
I'm scared of being alone in the house
Wary and jumping at the squeak of a mouse
And a door creaks open, but there's no one there
I stare blankly, but it's only thin air
A floorboard creaks, I whip around
The house is empty but the creepy sounds…
I see something on the floor - it looks like blood!
I take a closer look - it's only mud.
Is this real, or is it my imagination?
Scared as I am, I feel a morbid fascination
I force myself to walk to my chair and sit down
But I can't concentrate on the computer and look all around
Is that a bloody face staring through the window?
Is that a dead body, stuck in permanent limbo?
There's a dark shadow outside the door
This is the end, I live no more
My parents walk in, laden down with shopping bags.
"Hi!" they say, "anything happened?"
I look at them, I don't know what to say
"Nope," I reply.
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 2 4
She's Already Dead
She's got such pale lips now
Would a smile grace her?
How can you bear to face her?
It's like she's got an empty mind
No feelings but I've seen her cry
And you take off with an empty smile
And she averts her empty eyes
She feels the pain but what can she do?
She's still trying to hide her hurt from you
And they said that deep down inside
Her very last love had lied
And she'd gone and they'd all said
She was alive but already dead
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 0 2
I'm lost inside my own cotton head
It's a maze with no way out
And as you pull us towards our death
I feel I've stopped going down
I'm going up now, it's a simple surprise
It's no nagging passing lie
Please don't cast me down again
You're the future, you're the then
As the night grows longer
Seems like it'll never end
I feel you crying and weeping
We're both inside a pig-sty pen
We're both inside a pig-sty pen
Here come the cows
Watch the farmer share the loot
Sprinklings of misery
My backside, his boot
Starting to talk about things
Is this night coming to a close?
Sitting next to you,
Being able to breathe on you
You send shivers up my spine
You really aren't a passing lie!
Let's make sure this stays the same
I want to reach the stars of fame
As the night grows longer
Seems like it'll never end
I feel you crying and weeping
We're both inside a pig-sty pen
I love you, the simplest words
I've ever had to say
You're my option and my conclusion
You take my breath away
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 0 5
Such a beautiful scene
Of love and family
But why did father go missing?
Why does the kitty start hissing?
Soldiers come...
Marching away...
Coming closer...
Day by day...
Dreamland's gone
The cat's dead
Dad was dragged
Out of bed
Soldiers came
Finally here
Little sister looks up
In utmost fear
Grabbed by the solider
Dragged away
Going further
Day by day
Mother and sister
All alone
Shaking, shaking
In their own home
Hiding in the closet
Under the stairs
Filling their lungs
With tainted air
Dragged away,
As father and girl,
Cut off their fingers
So they don't escape...
Get the brother
Cook him for tea
He'll be a nice meal
For you and me...
Bring the mother
Let her watch him burn
The sister sobs
Is this fair?
Just a different colour of skin
Got them here
The mother hugs her daughter close
Waiting in fear...
Someone slips
Tickets into their hands
Nods, and then
Is gone, and all is bland.
They run, they run
Onto a plane
Not bothering to look
Where it goes
Father's dead
As is son
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 2 6
Rock-a-bye baby...
Rock-a-bye baby,
In the treetop,
When the wind blows
The cradle will rock.
When the bough breaks
The cradle will fall
And down will come baby
Cradle and all
When the bough breaks...
The baby will die...
Down to the ground...
Singing "Rock-a-bye"
Rock-a-bye baby
In the treetop
When the bough breaks
The cradle will fall...
They all try to catch it
All of them, all
But baby is killed
By that terrible fall...
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 0 9
Live Your Life
(soft voice, relatively quiet, only slight melody accompanying voice. Woman's voice)
Lookin' at the changes we used to feel...
Lookin' at the way it's all unclear...
Lookin' at the things that's clouded the sky...
Lookin' at the things, why oh why...
(Music starts up, drums beat, although it's still pretty soft and quiet.)
Lookin' at the changes we used to feel
Lookin' at the way it's all unclear
Lookin' at the things that's clouded the sky
Lookin' at the things, why oh why
(Music starts up properly, voice becomes stronger and sounds like a man's.)
Searchin' in the past
For things that won't last
Lookin' to yesterday
Why live life this way?
(Chorus, man singing only)
Don't let your life just flash by
Laugh and laugh until you die
Don't count on yesterday's things
Just look what the present brings
(Man's voice becomes softer)
I know you're worrying about what happened
I know you hate all the things you've grappled
But don't worry about the future, the past or the late
Hang out, have fun
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 1 12
Raise the Waves
Free the shackles, raise the waves,
Once again I'm found in chains
Lock the shackles, lower the waves,
I'm digging my own grave
Sound the alarm
Go, go
Go places you don't know
Free the shackles, raise the waves,
Fill up your own grave!
Run away, break the chains
Lock the shackles, lower the waves...
Sound the alarm
Get on the train
Row the boats
Passing your grave...
Free the shackles, once more,
Raise the waves,
We don't need them now!
Fill up your grave,
That's over and done,
You've got many more vows to make...
Lock the shackles, lower the waves,
I've got many more vows to make.
Sound the alarm,
Shout for them all,
You've got many more people to call.
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 0 8
Zigzag Lines
Zigzag lines
crossing my mind
feel the pain
Zigzag lines
even further behind
unable to feel
a prison, my mind
Inner turmoil
shaking my body
inner turmoil
so very ungodly
Inner turmoil
zigzag lines
inner turmoil
killing my mind
Inner turmoil
I came to respect
inner turmoil
by knife and net
Confused web of writhing shapes
catching someone in the make
a mind so perfect, yet once unveiled
inner turmoil one would feel
Born to a body
so like before
zigzag lines
more and more
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 1 11
How Easy
I absently wrote nonsense
Upon the blank screen
And smiled slightly when I saw
How easy it is to clean.
Just select the writing.
Press the "Backspace" key.
And all of that you wrote
Is gone to infinity.
It's freaky when you think...
You can wipe a life just like that.
Knives, posion,
End of a life. Suicide.
A twisted smile came across my lips,
A few words were let slip.
"So easy to end a life...
By the gun, by the knife..."
"But think of what to live for...
Butterflies, love, and more...
To end all this; such a crime...
To end a life that could have been mine..."
I rose, sighing,
My day done.
I went to bed,
Before was soon lost from my head...
I don't think I ever thought about it.
It slipped my mind.
But you remember, you remember,
How easy it is to end a life.
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 0 8
Just a Dream
I sat on the sofa,
Bored and alone,
When you came,
When you approached.
You were so quiet,
Yet so very tall,
As soon as I saw you,
My heart seemed to stall.
You sat there beside me,
With a mere glance,
You absently said "Hi,"
And that I replied.
We sat in silence,
Him reading a book,
Me simply staring,
I felt overtook.
Soon we began talking,
Simple good conversation,
Then we had to stop,
And I sat in silent frustration.
Then it happened.
I don't know how.
But we were together,
His lips on mine.
I gasped, then responded,
But it seemed surreal.
Then I felt like I was being pulled away…
… damn. Just a dream.
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 0 7
Midnight Wings or Loving Me
Sailing on midnight wings...
Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you"...
You can do anything...
Sailing on midnight wings...
Coocoo bird in the tree...
Loving me, loving me...
Asleep on midnight wings...
I can do anything...
Why disturb that peaceful face?
Why awaken her sleeping body?
Night breezes tossed her to and fro....
There's nowhere she can't go...
Coocoo bird in the tree...
Loving me, loving me...
Whisper I love you
On a midnight breeze
Stars quivered in the night sky
Dawn broke
Whisper, why, oh why,
Carrying on a midnight breeze...
Motion left her undisturbed,
Lost on midnight wings,
Tossed around by midnight winds,
Seems to whisper "I love you..."
"I love you..."
Tossed around by a midnight breeze...
Coocoo bird in the tree...
"I love you..."
Asleep, asleep...
Midnight winds,
Midnight breeze...
Loving me.
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 1 7
Don't Leave Me Alone
Brown Canth and noble F'nor,
Have gone. Gone to the Red Star.
Oh how they are brave!
Yet will they prevail?
Brekke, her dragon dead,
Slept with troubled nightmares.
And then she awoke! a vision came!
A vision of...
Writhing silver, tossing wind,
Red hot clouds, air with singe.
Volcanoes, lava, and more Thread,
While most of Pern slept in bed!
Brekke felt it as if she was there.
And she gasped and gasped and gasped for air.
A hand seemed to clutch her throat,
She ran out.
Men saw her, tried to calm her,
But she was lost with F'nor.
She screamed, she screamed,
"I can't take it any more!"
And then it came,
To all fire lizard owners.
Awakening them with frenzied screams.
A voice could be heard, in everyone's head:
A cry in the night!
Of anguish heart-striking!
Of soul-killing fright!
Everyone heard it that night
Peering out into the twilight.
Waiting for light.
And from the sky,
Came the form of F'nor, and his ride.
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 2 8
The Bard
Forever I have sat,
Under this tree,
Until it seems to become
A extension of me.
I have seen the world,
Born and then dying,
I have seen the people,
Vying, vying.
I have seen Doomsday,
Turning the skies blood red,
I have seen everything,
All there is to see.
Stars streaked the sky,
And I lay on my back,
A smile of regret curved my lips,
As I saw what I could not have.
You, my dear, up there in the night,
You are there through happiness, sadness, fright.
Old as me, older, perhaps,
Moon, my dear, you I admire.
Maybe there's others.
Up there in the sky.
Wiser, older,
But I cannot deny...
You are my heart's delight
Silver sliver in the sky.
I awaken to you when the day is done,
I look to you for company, for fun.
You may share your light
With the sun, nice and bright
She contends for my love
But Moon, do not cry!
I will never leave you.
You listen to my melodies.
You make me fly, you make me free,
Heck, you're older than me!
So I sit here under your light,
Smiling up, nice and bright,
At m
:iconkazzat:Kazzat 7 15


Love Is A Rose
Love is a rose which bears a thorn you can't see until it's gone
And, after all is said and done, the memory still lives on
Memories of when it blossomed and flourished in the light
Memories of how it used to make things seem so right
How beautiful, how fair and precious, glorious and pure
Now it seems a disappointment for it is no more
That perfect rose has reached its peak and now begins to wilt
The emotions no longer promising, and time just stands so still
It shrivels up and withers; petals fallen to the floor
That rose will never be the same as it ever was before
Love is a rose so frail and fragile; then when it's torn apart
All is gone but a single thorn to pierce the broken heart
:iconcharmarba:charmarba 1 1
In the valley by noticatoxin In the valley :iconnoticatoxin:noticatoxin 1 1 Faceless Blue by Dhria Faceless Blue :icondhria:Dhria 2 10
Ode To My Stupidity
stupid girl with eyes of blue
or are they grey or green ...
whatever the freak they look like to you
here i am again
i ignore the things i need to face
that's just how i deal
can't delete the past and can't erase
the stupid things i feel
my list of things to do; it grows
i'm overwhelmed in life
i'm in too deep and yes i know
i cause it every time
a paper that i should have written
a couple days ago
a song i should have memorized
will affect how my music lesson will go
a man i should have never touched
i did; 8 months ago
i still can't get over it
the healing comes too slow
so i just try to move along
but i do not know how
a problem comes; i write a song
the problem stays around
my friends--they care; i know they do
but i won't let them see
what's going on or what is wrong
with this stupid girl; that's me
read me like a book; you may
but ask no questions please
this is just a stupid poem
of my stupidity
:iconcharmarba:charmarba 1 1
:Black and White Rose: by Surizarin-Gakusei :Black and White Rose: :iconsurizarin-gakusei:Surizarin-Gakusei 2 2 Coiling project by polkadanzin Coiling project :iconpolkadanzin:polkadanzin 1 38 An angel for you -Yami by 3t3rnIty An angel for you -Yami :icon3t3rnity:3t3rnIty 3 16
Tall Walls
A Barren Land
snow dancing in the wind
like little ballerina princesses
in the Nutcracker
so cold, it sweeps through your heart
as if trying to freeze time
breath shuddering
Before you...
before you I had a great towering wall
towering o'so very tall
it protected me in my own world
I watched the world go by
through a small peep hole
between the lumbers
when I first was
I sat there cold swifting through
not nearly as cold was cold
it was like the early morning crisp
bundle up for the cold
or don't
because you always seem to be warm
in the back of my mind
I knew it would get colder
so I hugged my blanket close
soon, though,
the comforts of my blanket were worn
and it got colder
so I built a great towering wall
towering o'so tall
at first it started out small
it took so long to build
but even longer to perfect
I hammered each stump
each stump of traits
hammered into my heart
then one day
when I was working
o'so diligently
the wall grew more
nasty monsters have come to scratch
to scratch a
:iconpolkadanzin:polkadanzin 1 6
Purple Stain by Mangeh Purple Stain :iconmangeh:Mangeh 3 12 Baby Noddins by CyberSunbeam Baby Noddins :iconcybersunbeam:CyberSunbeam 3 5 Red wall by Mangeh Red wall :iconmangeh:Mangeh 6 8
Now when youre gone
Now when you're gone
Now when you're gone
And I'm all alone in the night
It doesn't matter how often
I reach out to hold you tight
You're still gone
And left me alone
Now all I have left is memories
When I'm here on my own
We were walking on the beach
And I was holding your hand
But now I'm all alone
And I'm writing your name in the sand
I remember when on your face
There would always be a smile
But now it's all lost
In the corridors of time
Now when you're gone
And I'm all alone in the night
It doesn't matter how often
I reach out to hold you tight
You're still gone
And left me alone
Now all I have left is memories
When I'm here on my own
Now I'm all alone
And I'm walking in the rain
All the happy days are gone
And all I have left is the pain
Do you remember all the late nights
When it was getting colder
Then you would always reach out
And lay your head on my shoulder
Now when you're gone
And I'm all alone in the night
It does
:iconfoxy-eva:foxy-eva 2 19



Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Faerieland
Favourite genre of music: Everything
Operating System: Windows XP
Shell of choice: Well, I like those swirly ones you find on beaches...
Skin of choice: Personally, I prefer the one attached to my body.
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Moon
Personal Quote: It's not how you do it, it's what you do after you've done it.
Hi, luffs!
Just lazing around lately. I went on a sleepover yesterday, too. W00t.
I've revised I'm Sorry quite a lot. Worth taking a look at, anyway.
Hey, guess what? xDDD I've been tagged by the ebil :iconl130053:
The Rules:
If you've been tagged, write a journal stating 6 weird habits/things about you, and copy and paste this header at the top of the journal. Then tag 6 other people and list their names at the bottom of the journal. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" on their home devpage and tell them to read your 6 weird things journal...

Here goes nothing...

1: My hair is so thick it's absolute agony every time I brush it. And it takes 15 minutes to wash out conditioner.
2: I have to have eleven teeth out under general anaesthetic.
3: I'm scared of insects, mostly flies and spiders, especially when I'm eating food.
4: I hate being startled, and scream if someone jumps out at me.
5: I'm home-educated.
6: I'm a cat-crazy-lady, and have three of them.

I tagged: :iconcharmarba: :iconcybersunbeam: :icondavidphotography: :iconfoxy-eva: :iconfumika13: :iconobsessedtaco:
Over and out, foos.


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Now this is a story all about how my
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In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground is where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool
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When a couple of guys they were up to no good
Started makin' trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
And said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air."

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought, "Nah, forget it. Yo home to Bel-Air!"

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabby yo holmes smell ya later
Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
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